My Honours Project

This is my honours project to get my Bachelor of Computer Science from Carleton University. The paper is entitled “Protecting VoIP Servers from DoS Attacks by Implementing the Cryptographic Puzzle Mechanism”. It basically talks about securing VoIP servers from DoS attacks. The paper itself briefly touches what VoIP is, VoIP security issues, as well as countermeasures. The paper is using Asterisk as the VoIP server.

The paper is useful as a prototype how cryptographic puzzle mechanism can be used to protect VoIP servers from DoS attacks in general. I believe that the future work from this paper is very promising. If some of you want to collaborate with me to continue the development, then please drop me some words. You can do that by leaving some comments or drop me an email at fsutomo [at] gmail [dot] com. Maybe we can develop a general platform/program for VoIP servers that can tackle DoS attacks in a production environment.


ProtectingVoipServersFromdos (I don’t know what’s wrong. But the paper from here does not render right.)

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