Welcome to my blog. My name is Fadil. I am really interested abou technology and ass my interest about technology grows, I need a media to share my little knowledge. A blog comes into my mind, right off the bat! With this blog, I hope I can know my stuff better (I do believe that by writing your knowledge down, then it will stick in your head for a while). So, you will find in my blog anything from programming to computer networking. As I am not an expert yet, I hope that some of you guys can correct me if I am posting incorrect, misleading, wrong information. And that for sure is appreciated.

Also note that English is not my first language. If you see typos, subject-verb disagreements here and there, awkward sentences, missing commas, whatever, then excuse my poor English. And yes, this blog will only be updated during my spare time.

One last thing. Please do not copy-and-paste anything from this blog. If you think something is useful and want to post it on your website, then please, just link the URL. Simple stuff. Personally, I don’t feel good to see my blog, your blog, Bob’s blog, and Joe’s blog have the same article. The same thing applies to me. If I see an interesting article in a website, then I will not copy-and-paste the whole article to my blog, but instead post the URL. I guess it is all about something called originality. So, keep original!

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. would you mind putting as the name “Grey.net Security”, I put a link on my website too, what do you want as name?

  2. voip…yeaaa…in my spare time I loved to read n research about using asterisk…hmm…Iam not a geek either but I dont know I feel challenged how to use E1 card in asterisk…argh..has been a week I research that card..and I still dont understand this card characteristic..If you have any experience using this card..please feel free to email me
    fendi [at] arc [dot] itb [dot] ac [dot] id.
    Thanks before

  3. thanks for sharing your knowledge. i am a engineerning student studying in india.i want to know computer security and networking from the basics.currently i am learning about man in the middle attack. can you suggest me a good book

    • Have you read the one from O’Reilly? The tittle is “Computer Security Basics”. I think it’s a very good book to build a firm ground on computer security. For networking books, I guess the CCNA books from Cisco Press are the best.

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