Self-Defending Networks

What are Self-defending Networks?

The self-defending network is a new initiative created by Cisco for system security. The idea here is to get the network having the ability to defend itself so that threat mitigations can be more effective. As we know, sometimes the admin has to go to a certain website to know the latest virus outbreak or threat and then defend his/her network. Remember the case of Code Red or SQL Slammer where it spread in exponential time. Going to a certain forum or website to look for the latest outbreak, and then patching the network are simply ineffective. By the time we patch our network, chances are that some local users may already be infected. We need a more effective approach to defend our networks.

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Connecting your phone line to Asterisk (Setting up a PBX in your house part 3)

From the previous post, we know that in order to connect your phone line to Asterisk we need FXO ports installed. So, in this post we need to configure our FXO ports (let’s assume that we have only one FXO port here). And then, I will show you a basic dialplan for your home phone. But before that, we need to have something to receive or place a call, right? The best and easiest option is an IP phone or a softphone. I am going for the softphone option here and my choice of a free softphone would be xlite.
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